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Do it yourself, or work with a solicitor.
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Take your legal work completely online


Huge global template library.

Make it bigger by adding your own agreements.

Make documents editable to an entire team.

Retain control of your internal commenting when you share documents externally for total security.

Approvals and e-signing.

Handle unlimited numbers of e-signers and approval workflows for secure corporate signing.


Hit the ground running.

Grab a template and go!

Learn from our collection of ebooks, articles, know-how and tutorials. Or just take your time and chat to us - we're online from 9am to 9pm!

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Appoint a lawyer.

With no bill suprise. Guaranteed.

If you are working on a document and you think you need a solicitor to help, you can appoint a specialist immediately from the app. We will tell you exactly what the full cost will be upfront before you pay. Your solicitor will work with you on the Zegal platform and via videochat.


Livechat support.

Livechat is included as standard on all our plans.


Store documents in your cloud drive.

Don't worry! We're in sync with everyone.

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We have been using Zegal since its early days in 2014 - we were just 2 founders then. We use it differently now that we are 50+ but we appreciate the same high level of support we have had since day one.


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